Why Us

Entrepreneurs around the world are looking for ways to fund their startup. They may have a fantastic idea, a great business model, a revolutionary invention… but the sad fact is that getting their funding together can be a monumental struggle. Many promising businesses that come to us really don’t know how to begin, and quite frankly, they’re clueless about where to start. Even if they have managed to do all it takes to begin a capital raise, it is still extremely difficult to do so, especially as a startup.

Time and time again, we see budding entrepreneurs wasting precious time and resources barking up the wrong tree. Or worse still... giving up when all it would have taken is just one more little push. That’s why it’s an enormous advantage to have a skilled and experienced team of professionals on your side: people who have stood in the shoes of most entrepreneurs, excelled in the world of finance for young companies and larger companies alike.

At FUNDING AUTHORITY, we will show you how to prepare yourself the right way to obtain your funding from institutional investors (angel investors, fund managers, etc.). We will coach you and guide you through the process of contacting an accredited investors customer base, and how to get them to invest in your startup.We’ve designed our company in such a way that we have to succeed in helping you to get your capital. 

This is how we also become successful. We will only thrive if your business gets the capital it needs. As a result, we care passionately about your fundraising prospects, and will ensure you are never alone. Because of this, we stand apart from our competitors and gladly accept the mantle of being the gold standard of web-based funding sources — the company by which all others can be measured.

Need to Find Money to Fund Your Business or Idea?