Why Us

There are always countless entrepreneurs looking for an opportunity to fund an idea or startup, but many of them don't really know how to begin and are basically clueless on where to start. Even after an entrepreneur has finally achieved all of the necessary tools to begin a capital raise, it is very difficult to do so, especially as a startup.

Having the most skilled and experienced team of professionals who have lived in the shoes of most entrepreneurs, and/or excelled in the world of finance for young companies and larger companies alike, is an enormous advantage. At FUNDING AUTHORITY, we will show you how to prepare yourself for obtaining the financing that you are looking for from institutional investors (angel investors, fund managers, etc.). Also, we will show you and guide you through the process of getting in touch with an accredited investors customer base and how to get them to invest in your startup.

Our company was designed in such a way that we must be successful at helping you to get the capital that you need, this is how we will also be successful. We will only thrive if your business has the capital support it needs. You will never be alone. For this reason, we will separate ourselves from our competitors and will claim to be the "gold standard" of web-based funding sources — the company by which all other similar companies will be measured

Need to Find Money to Fund Your Business or Idea?