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Published December 3rd, 2018 by Admin

With the number of start-ups increasing, there appears to be no slow-down in the revolution changing the nature of employment and business. Despite, or perhaps because of, the challenging economy and changing political landscape, more firms are starting up and going it alone.

Funding is essential for all companies but for a new company starting off, the scale of funding they receive can make or break a business. With equipment, marketing, recruitment, networking and every other key task for a new business requiring investment, it is vital that companies find funding that will propel them to achieve their aims and projections.

There is fierce competition for start-up funding

However, with a significant increase in start-up companies, there is a strong level of competition for the limited funds on offer from the Government to support new firms. This means that most companies need to find external funding to help them sustain the early development of their firm.

Some of the leading benefits of start-up funding include:

  • A cash infusion at a time when the company may have limited income.
  • The chance to invest in equipment or assets that will increase the pace of growth.
  • There is no need for the business owners or developers to use personal assets to fund their business.
  • If investment comes from sources who know your knowledge or market, there is a chance to learn from experienced professionals and network with their contacts.
  • External funding can provide greater discipline with firms knowing their actions will be scrutinized more closely.
  • Depending on the terms of the investment, there may be less pressure involved with repayments or low/no interest payments.

Of course, there are challenges involved with bringing in funding and it may include losing some of the control for the start-up entrepreneurs (but in most cases the dilution involved is good for everybody if the company does well) or finding greater pressure to achieve results. Your biggest issue may even be finding interested buyers. It is likely that entrepreneurs are highly skilled in several business areas but if obtaining funding isn’t a skill or trait you excel at, you run the risk of seeing your business stall before it takes off.

Work with experts to support your business from the start

There is no doubt that a key aspect of obtaining funding for your start-up is the opportunity to work closely with an expert but knowing who to work with or even how to find funding is a challenge that many start-ups struggle with. Therefore, it is best to seek assistance from a specialist as early in the process as possible, which is where Funding Authority comes in.

I’ve been involved with both sides of the funding equation and having worked with firms in a broad range of sectors and industries, I can advise you on how best to progress your funding activities. It is possible for start-up companies and entrepreneurs to gain the funding and expertise they need to achieve success but only with the right level of guidance and support.  We will leave no stone unturned in being sure that we will look for every resource possible for you to find the capital required for your start-up.

If you want to ensure your start-up company is a success story that goes on to greater things, achieve suitable and sufficient funding from the start, we are here to help.  

Please take this opportunity to schedule a call from us for a free 30 minute consultation.  We will ensure that you are on the right track are also equipped with the necessary tools to thrive.  

Thank you again and we look forward to hearing from you.

Robert Shaw

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