About Us


At FUNDING AUTHORITY, we are strategically designed to focus on assisting startups with everything, especially CAPITAL RAISING. We all understand how difficult it is to find the necessary capital to grow your business because we have all been there where you are presently. We have surrounded ourselves with a stellar team of professionals who have mastered the art of fundraising for startups. 

So, if you are an entrepreneur that is looking for the knowledge and tools required to successfully fund your business then you need to look no further.


At FUNDING AUTHORITY, we understand the needs of entrepreneurs because we have all been there, but if you have that great idea or vision that can you think can impact the world and you're certain that it will soar when you get it off the ground, then you be rest assured that FUNDING AUTHORITY is your best choice. We specialize in the art of fundraising for startups and will provide all of the resources you will need to obtain the necessary funding for your new company. 

Collectively, our team of professionals has assisted in raising over $1 billion and more for companies, including in excess of $80 million for RAW startups. We have also been officers or directors of over 100 different companies. We are here to provide you with all of the knowledge, tools, and expertise that you must have to get your company moving forward at the level that you deserve. 

FUNDING AUTHORITY is truly a one-stop shop for entrepreneurs looking for financing and all of the tolls necessary for your startup to succeed. If you care enough about getting your business in motion, then we will always be your trusted ally.

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